a piece about the paradox of love

Residence from 28/11/2016 to 2/12/2016, showing 2/12/2016 at 6 p.m.

studio Dans Les Parages, LA ZOUZE, Cie Christophe Haleb

37 rue Guibal, 13003 Marseille



Extension - Transformation - Composition

workshop about performance

by Natalie Hofmann

29/10/2016, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. at Pôle 164,

164 bd Plombières, 13014 Marseille



a project of installation and performance

nhdc (natalie hofmann dance company) / mo(u)vement & vision(s)

residence from 2 to 9/10/2016, showing the 9/10/2016 at 5 p.m.

at la Compagnie, lieu de création, 

19 rue Francis Pressensé, 13001 Marseille


Etendues poreuses

performance, installation

20. + 21.08. 2016, in the school yard of Sigonce at 5 p.m.

Festival Les trois jours de Sigonce, 

04300, South France


Showing of the film Ce qui arrivera l'année treize lapin

of Nathalie Hugues and Nicolas Bergamaschi

presented at FID, july 2016, selection first film


Residence for the research of Sensual Clouds

at CIAM and KLAP, juin - juillet 2016


Etendues poreuses, performance + installation

04.06.2016 at Mac Arteum, Chateauneuf le Rouge


Terre, video

showing the 30.03.2016 at La Compagnie, lieu de création, 13001 Marseille




Sensual Clouds, solo performance, Showing of work in progress

15.10.2015 at Pôle Cent Soixante Quatre, 13014 Marseille


Choreography of the final scene of the film Ce qui arrivera l'année treize lapin

of Nathalie Hugues and Nicolas Bergamaschi

presented at FID 2016, selection first film


I dont wanna..., solo performance and group performance 

with Sofie Dubs and Marco Becherini

30.05.2015 at Musée de Salagon, 04300 Mane, South France

for the inauguration of Confronting Anitya,

Biennale of Contemporary Chinese Art in Forcalquier and Mane


Pas Lapin, duet with Orsi Vagner

26.01.2015 at ESADMM, Fine Arts School, Marseille




The (H)ELP - Project # 2 (the Elementary Laughter Project)

Workshop for children and adults + performance, october/november 2014

La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille


Who sits, who moves, who earns, who talks, who cares

Lecture-Performance with Elizabeth Zimmer, dance critic, NY

Ponderosa Tanzland-Festival, Stolzenhagen, Germany, July 2014


Performance for the Finissage of Et la ligne fut 

in collaboration with Nathalie Genot, visual artist, 

22/4/14, la manufacture 284c, Marseille


Unknownperformance / installation

4/4/14, Festival Scènes Secrètes, Aix en Provence


A journey of antidoteperformance 

with Fa Césario and Céline Lénoir

Asile 404, Marseille


White is Orange - the original, performance / installation

7,8/12/13 + 1,2/2/2014Atelier de la Lorette, Marseille


White is Orange II, performance

november, La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille


White is Orange I, performance / installation

27, 28 + 29/9/2013, Atelier de la Lorette, Marseille


Aim (accumulation en mouvement), group piece with five dancers and one musician (Fa Césario)

26/9/2013, International Secondary School Lycée Georges Duby à Luynes


Dance Poetry

teaching and creation module (dance, poetry, video)

november 2013 - june 2014,

International Secondary School Lycée Georges Duby, Luynes


The (H)ELP - Project # 1 (the Elementary Laughter Project)

teaching and creation module, october 2013 - mai 2014,

International Secondary School Lycée Georges Duby, Luynes




Ma maison en mouvement, teaching module

for kids and youngsters, october - december 2013

La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille


Improvisation without title

1/9/13 Festival Par ici la danse, Ardèche


Red is Greensolo, in collaboration with Fa Césario

march 2013, residency and showing,

Marseille Objectif Danse, Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille

12/4/13, residency and showing,

La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille




Red is Green, solo, first version,

Festival Excentricités 3, april 2012, Besancon




I just need to be physicalvideo series

Festival Excentricités 2, april 2011, Besancon





march 2010, Tanzfabrik Berlin


Nuts, a piece about safeties, group piece,

july 2010, Tanzfabrik Berlin


Popo, Neuneu, Concon & Nunuche,

duet with Juliette Decroix

july 2010, Tanzfabrik Berlin


I just need to be physical, video series

Archipélique II, group exhibition,

Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille




Here Hello, solo

Festival Variables # 2, july 2009

La Distillerie, Aubagne




Tunnel, video

Archipélique I, group exhibition, november 2008,

MAC (musée d’art contemporain), Marseille