AIM (accumulation in movement)

AIM, group piece for 5 dancers and 1 musician

September 2013, Lycée international Georges Duby, Luynes



Alessandro Franceschelli, Marisoa Ramona (dance & vocals), Natalie Hofmann, Patricial Guannel, Robin Decourcy

music: Fa Césario

Concept & choreography: Natalie Hofmann 

AIM is a moving performance, created 2013 for the international Secondary School Georges Duby at Luynes, near Aix en Provence. Using the astonishing architecture of the school building, I wrote a score for the performance:

The whole building and it's surroundings were considered as a human body we entered at the level of the toes to go through it until our exit at the level of the top of the head. Each body part was crossed by meeting it's specificity.

From the dynamics of the legs into the emotions inside of the belly, the potential anger and conflict in the throat to arrive in the head with it's potential to get free from inside...

The students discovered their usual school context in a completely new way and followed us with lots of curiosity and enthusiasm.