In my dream



In my dream Patti Smith was here, somewhere where I was and many others.


She took my hand and said : Do you feel touched by my support ?


Only then I realized that she knew me and supported me, really.


I also realized that I had met her several times, in concerts, lectures, speeches.


I noticed that she was actually small and fragile. 


She spent some time beneath us, to give us benediction 

and to receive what she needed to be and stay herself.


It must have been in Marseille or any other town of the South. 


There were many friends from dance – 

it was an opening of a new space or a new season. 

It was beautiful.


Patti. Her hands were soft and old.


Her voice became almost those of her young days, a little fragile girl and old lady - no, so young and powerful. 


Just her body was on the way to retreat.


N.H., “In my dream”, July 2020