Unknown is a performance and living installation Natalie Hofmann created in spring 2014. In the yard of an art gallery :

in a huge cube cage are 12 chicken and the artist herself.

They are having conversation, with all they are. 


"Chicken might seem to be stupid or ridiculous. I think they are gorgeous dancers and wise beings, we could learn a lot of."


Unknown is an invitation to reinvest an ancient, deep, eternal and forgotten part of us. Children get it right away. It might be the inner child or the beginner’s spirit


 Unknown started as a video exploration in 2009 and is part of the series I just need to be physical.


In 2014 it was invited at the Festival Scènes Sécrètes in Aix en Provence and developed it's form of a living installation and performance. In 2016 the artist, composer and musician Loïse Bulot joined the project and sound research was done. It is planned to continue the project with some electroacoustic sound support, based on the real sounds during the performance. Further residencies and showings are about to come up.

Installation at Gallifet Art Center, Aix en Provence