Performance as a space for experience, a way to encounter material elements, situations and the other. Choreography as a set of writing, coincidence, composition, body and material elements.

Nothing is fixed. Everything is related.


My body provides me with the tools to learn what I have to learn in this lifetime.

It is the precise indicator in each and every moment of my wandering.

It is is only through sensations and perceptions that I can receive and hear - what is – and what isn't anymore.


Live the perpetual death. Face up to it.


We are choreographed of life, without having chosen it. Art is the space of our choice :

I'm interested in it when things transform, physically.


I try to create sets to bring up questions.

I try to give life, to materialise what exists during a given time, a space – between us, you, us, who are here, in the same space and time.


We are not here for nothing.


During a lapse of time : Frankness, vulnerability, 

a mammal who lives a little something

and not the human being playing everyday's game.



Nothing is lost when everything is given away.


John Cage