White is orange - the original

White is orange

Performance / Installation


Ateliers de Lorette, Marseille, France

first period of research + presentations

September 2013 - February 2014


This work explores the relation between space, architecture, installation, skin, heat. 

These elements lead to the writing of a score.


White is orange is a piece about the utopia of the straight line. 

The line relates two points, one point of departure and one point of arrival.

It speaks about the speed of a flash of thought, about the mental projection of a goal, an aim, a desire. 

It is the clear expression of the spirits nature - in physical reality it is an utopia.

The line also hits the will power. ‘I want to go there’.

Lying flat with my belly on a slope of stones, it is the gravity which works, my will power is abandoned - 

my body is drawing a line, which follows gravity - something so incredibly earthy.

Relation, projection, cut, breakage, ditch, slope, hiding place, contact, intimity - here we go.

It's also about our passage in the 'underworld', a space of the unconscious, the unborn souls, the dead, the demons, the memory and future, unknown, uncontrollable... and the way into the light, the togetherness, the possible within the unknown. 

You could also call it ‘ON, UNDER, WITH’ : from extreme exposure  = ON, passing by the dark intimidity of the UNDER to end up with the organicity rooted in the guts = WITH.


The straight line confronts the weight of gravity and the cellular organicity, undulating and fluctuating.

The skin breathes. The impossible exists and the idea becomes tangible as a vibration.

Finally - space is nothing but an extension of ourselves. 

White is orange

adapted version


La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille, France

residence + performance,

in the context of the program

Soirée Regressions infinies,

november 2013