orange-eyed honey


Hey you

orange-eyed honey

where are you from?

Raising strange fruits from

the pavement, thrilling me

with electro-shocks, as smart

as an eye-blink.

My head is hurting like hell,

exploding into pieces, throwing

food for fish into the sea.

Where are you from?

turturing me kindly since

forgotten sundays on a lake,

perfect like fairy tales?

Where are you from,


orange-eyed, glueing liquid

where are you from?

Where are you from -

when did you enter?

And how?

sweet nightmare, I cannot

make the distinction anymore

drinking in pain and

question of the empty void.

Question by question by

drop of blood freezing in

raindrops, honeybears,

pretending love.

When and where?

The question remains without answer.

Lonely as a dogshit.

Trying to open my third eye,

flirting with god.

I’m not ready for

psychatric hospital.

You dragged me down

silently, smart eyes

soft tung.

Am I still the same sad girl

wrotting in fear of the other side?

The side of fluid exchange

and happy being together?

I’m tired. I need hunger

and heat and sex and


My teeth hurt. My heart lacks

blood, my lungs are

striking with heavy hands

into fragile eyes with fluent break

downs up to -


Berlin, january 2011