Workshop # 1 : Grace and Monstruosity



SUNDAY 28 april / 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. // ALL LEVELS

PÔLE 164, 164 Bd Plombières, 13014 Marseille / Métro National ou bus n°89 de Centre Bourse


We start softly with  some body-work (RELEASE-TECHNIQUE) which helps to work on centering and alignment. After that we go into CONTACT-IMPROVISATION, the  exploring of skin, touch and shared weight, creating magic momentum and surprising dances.

The exploration of the VOICE and movement will let emerge other energetic layers : between grace and monstrous power the life force will highten and the individal and collective jungle will overflow the stage.


TARIFS : 50 € full price, 40 € full price + 10€ membership à mo(u)vement & vision(s)

INFORMATION :  06 40 32 49 03 or by mail at





Other workshops are about to come up - with a similar but always different focus.

Take the time to go deeper in our dances, overcome usual limits, go farther, connect deeply with ourselvers and others, feed ourselvers with new material, micro - and macrocosmos, animals, body systems, soul, voice, revolution, contact, performance, earthquakes ...