la nhdc (no hesitation - dare communion)

La nhdc ("no hésitation - dare communion") is a dance company with a multidisciplinary approach.


La nhdc unites artists – choreographers, dancers, musicians and visual artists and produces choreographic pieces and  performances for stage as well as site-specific. Her creations are part of the artictic landscape of contemporary dance while keeping a close connection with the univers of performance art.

The choreographic language of Natalie Hofmann and her company plays with cellular memory, beliefs, situatons and physical as well as emotional limits. Strong images, contrasts and ruptures, humor, risk and coincidence are the ingredients she uses to create friction with established values.

Her work questions the limits of dance, performance and installation, explores voice and video art. The relation with the earth and with emotions are current subjects. Her choreographic language has a strong inner intensity as well as a big visual sensitivity.