I don't wanna...

Performance for the inauguration of Confronting Anitya 

an exposition of chinese contemporary art

with Sofie Dubs and Marco Becherini


Musée de Salagon, Mane

30. 05. 2015

© M d'A, m & v

Following the invitation of Feng Ge, the dancer Sofie Dubs, Marco Becherini and me created a special performance for the opening of Confronting Anitya, the biennale of chinese contemporary art in Forcalquier and Mane. 


We composed a set in different parts:

I did the opener dressed in pure white with wet hair, Sofie followed with a solo improvisation in mixed white with material elements and flowers, then Marco performed a solo in red. We continued with a group improvisation, moving through the whole exposition and inviting the visitors to discover it with us.

After that came my solo part I don't wanna (fall in love), starting in (demon) black to finish in red (of sins - or fertility and life force - I prefer the second meaning). 

As the museum of Salagon is a beautiful ancient church, I am a woman, I couldn't ignore christian history concerning women. The context of chinese art made me think about the philosophical as well as political background in China, concerning the freedom of expression and the situation with Tibet.

So I composed a performance with the very symbolic colors of white, black and red, using them in a light and open way. I wanted to question, invite to reflect and motivate everybody to fight for the freedom of humanity.