Regularly I approach the crossing field of  Contact-Improvisation and performance.

In 2016 and 2017, several workshops took place, called LET YOURSELF SHINE - WITH ALL YOU ARE.

They focused on this exciting cross-zone.




Extension – Transformation – Composition


Contact-Improvisation & Performance,  indoor et outdoor


Starting with bodywork, awakening of sensations, understanding and practicing physical principles, using touch, voice work, scores and technique they go towards a much wider practice : PERFORMANCE.

We work inside and outside at specially chosen spots in areas of Marseille which are still very raw and in full transformation.

I encourage people to develop their relationship with outer material elements (touching inner subjects), soundarchitecture, found objects and composition. I invite the participants to deepen their personal research and develop their own personal universe - to then bring it back into the group and create together.


crédit photo : Nathalie Genot