video diptych, 1h

Terre is a very extreme piece of art. It was created in march 2015, at the bank of a river in the Cevennes, South France. It is a long sequence shot at the same spot at two different days.

During a free improvisation with body and voice, I question myself about my visceral relationship with earth, the body, desire, suffrance, pleasure, sun, moon and sky. 

Shot on my own with the camera on a tripod, the intimacy and solitude help to go through emotions and pulsions in a very raw and direct way.

The nature is still almost in winter, the bank of the river marked by the courant floods of that season.

The ideal space to let talk inner ravages, created by emotions.

To transform the lack into wealth, maybe...


The first public presentation took place at La Compagnie, lieu de création, Marseille in spring 2016

in the video program Le trou.