Trois jours avant sa mort

Trois jours avant sa mort / translation : Three days before it's death  

is one of my fist video pieces and an early work from february 2004. 

For me it is still of high actuality as it is dealing with an inner conviction about relationship and communication.


The story behind: I worked with spiders during the whole first year of art school. A friend offered me a big red spider he had found in his car. It lived in a big glass with me in my apartment, I fetched smaller spiders to feed it. It always made a circular dance around it's victim before eating it. One day it stopped eating and  I was afraid it might die.

So I thought of freeing it in nature, winter was almost finished and I hoped it might feel better in freedom. So I planned to free it on my belly and to let it run over my body to the stay in nature.

But the thing was: it didn't want to leave my body and stayed on my hip. So I took it back home into it's glass. 


Three days after, it died.