Sensual Clouds

A piece about the paradox of love

Natalie Hofmann & la nhdc / production 2019


The interprétation of Feelings by Nina Simone is the beginning of a choreography which generates a visceral dance, nourrished by contrasts and superpositions to arrive at a physicality as frank as a thunderstorm in summer.


It uses the energy of emotions, examines the notions of drama, humor et plays breakage and the absurd.

This piece is a call to revolt against discrimination and an invitation to stay untameable.

It defends Love in the broad sense.


SENSUAL CLOUDS is a kind of voyage à l’intérieur inside of us. Light, crounchy, nourrishing and nicely disturbing.



Production : mo(u)vement & vision(s)
Coproduction : ARTIANCE / Centrum voor de kunsten Alkmaar / NL
Support : Marseille Objectif Danse, LA ZOUZE / Cie Christophe Haleb, KLAP / Maison pour la danse,
Ballet National de Marseille, Goethe-Institut Marseille, PÔLE 164, C.I.A.M.

The production has started! 

Here a little taste of the showing at the end of the residency at KLAP, Maison pour la danse, mai 2018.