Red is green

Red is Green is an exploration of physical and sound movements. Crossing the polarity, raw and with lots of humour, this project questions the fatality of the ‘real’ and the intelligence of the body.

Polarity nourrishes us with a dynamics of power - leading to a circulation, a movement, a transformation. 

With Red is Green, Natalie Hofmann and Fa Césario throw themselves in a practice of communication live, a physical process and a sound language evoking the blind alley of extremity and established bench marks. 

In parallel, they perform on single subject with two different media : Movement and sound.

Red is green was born 2011. The first research took place in Studio 142, Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin.

After a residence and performance at ISBA Besancon (festival international of performance, 2012) it found it's appropriate form with the collaboration with Fa Cesario in 2013 when it got support of Marseille Objectif Danse (residence + showing / march 2013).


The final version of that research was shown at La Compagnie in april 2013.