What if ... 


                                                                                                            about my curiosity, the motor of my art


Vision as another trap :


Lightened senses.

A detail traps my vision; triggers my inner music; causes me laughter, pain and dance. 


Vision as a tool to perceive the silent rhythm of structure being voice. 

Structure of landscapes, rocks, roads, pathways, buildings, bodies in space, bones in bodies,

Patterns of skin, flesh, liquids, cells ; 

Crystals growing and fading away. 

Growing and fading and flickering and fighting and breathing. 

I perceive visual patterns in the environment’s structures as music to be heard - 

Inner vibrations and a dance to be done.

Stucture as a line in the mind, connecting time and space, projection, direction. 

The line of the body, the line of the horizon crossing the human body stood upright. 

Gravity as the frequency of an embodied presence measuring time. 

The right angle as an ethical system negotiating "now". 

Evolution as the beauty of illusion.


We are all anxious animals looking for what we might do with our four feet.


Reading structure, perceiving rhythm, listening - 

sensing physical change 

dependant on the latest news. 

I tend to sculpt dance from the earth’s pulse, 

the soul of a specific place, location, 

a physical reality 

or an imaginary landscape.


What if landscape happens when I allow myself to dive into my love,

my attraction, 

for one single point? 

I dive into detail as through the gates of perception of the miracles

of the universe in the universe of the infinite universe : 

Biology and memory head for the future,

Ending up in an abstract landscape which touches the infinite. 

Impermanence faces infinity. 

Time aligns with space;

I am touched.


Acknowledging my spirit’s limit makes me feel the physical potential of infinite extension. 

I step back.

From far away I look at the landscape. 

Wide open space: horizon. 

A Rock. A tree, a vertical line. 

A human body in space. A small detail within infinity. 

Time seems to be meaningless. 

The heart stretches out as I acknowledge the individual as an infinitely small part within a whole.

The movement of focus near or distant arrives always at the same place : now.

A circular process of attention. Breathing in and out. 

I feel a huge moment bigger than my limited self.


Holy whole of absurdity, dropping, falling, resurrection, recreation, transition, transformation. 

Including the fake and the real and all the attempts at letting go of useless mental structures.

It’s about art. The mind of the body. 

The body-mind’s eye.


It might be performance, 

it may be standing up after a nightmare ; 

it might be sitting on a chair,

It may be cows grazing unconcerned. 

Seagulls laughing or humans looking for shelter.


Let’s break up the borders with a soft mind and full breath. 

Embrace your fear, shout out your needs, fall in sleep, fall in dance, 

stumble in choreography 

As an aesthetics of change and a future to be created.


No matter how madly the world runs,

I’ll sit and watch a butterfly. 

Be careful, you may be inspired.




Thank you Patti for pissing in the river.



N.H. 2014