Regular classes



All levels, thursday from 7.15 to 9.45 pm

Pôle Cent Soixante Quatre, 164 bd Plombières, 13014 Marseille


A dance class to work with our inner animal: wild and powerful. Connect yourself with your physical structure, your need to play, your poetic instinct, life power and direct desire.


The classes start with a sequence of body work (Release-technique) to wake uk and integrate the consciousness of our deepest and densest tissue: our bones.

That technique helps us to experience the pleasure of being clearly connected with our anatomy, it's physical principles and to release extra tensions. It offers an economy of effort, a healthy way to move and enables us to find a deep connection with ourselves, space, time and the others.


From there you will be guided into a playful exploration through organic movement: Contact-Improvisation and it's technical principles. A work with the voice and the score helps to discover our own poetic instinct - hidden zones inside of us, fragile and frightening zones we rarely dare to visit on our own : Exciting and creative territories.