Natalie Hofmann is a performer, dancer, choreographer and visual artist.


She comes to the arts first with painting, writing and installations. Using material elements, dance, action and texts, she creates her first performances. Since 2004, when she meets Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson, she dedicates her research to movement as the most appropriate discipline to confront the futile nature of her primary focus of interest: the interdependance.

Parallel to her years of studies at the Fine Arts School of Marseille, she learns different techniques and approaches to movement: Improvisation, contemporary dance, butô, yoga, movement analysis, biomechanics ... from which she uses the material of cellular memory, faith, situations, as well es her own physical and emotional limits.


Many of her compositions question the measure of action and reaction, exploring the meaning of strength and examining ones physical and emotional limits. Distinct imagery, contrasts and breakage, humor, risk and coincidence are the ingredients she utilizes to generate friction with society’s values and definitions.

Natalie´s work continues to negotiate the limits of dance, performance, installation and Land Art, explores voice, language, video and photography.

She continues with an instruction in dance and different collaborations in Berlin, deepens her knowledge and practice of Release-techniques, somatic movement and BMC.

She creates performances, choreographies  and site-specific pieces and collaborates with musicians (Fabrice Césario, Loïse Bulot) and the visual artists Nathalie Genot and Anaïs Lelièvre.


Since 2008 she creates Blue (solo), Here Hello (solo), Hymn (solo), Popo, Neuneu, Concon et Nunuche (duet), Nuts (group piece), Red is Green (solo in collaboration with Fabrice Césario), AIM (quintet), White is Orange (performance/ installation), Unknown (performance/installation), Pas Lapin (duet), Sensual Clouds (solo) and Etendues poreuses (performance/installation).

Her work was shown at Tanzfabrik Berlin, ISBA (institute of the Fine Arts in Besançon), Marseille Objectif Danse, La Distillerie in Aubagne, La Compagnie in Marseille, at Ponderosa Tanzlandfestival in Germany and at Mac Arteum (museum for contemporary arts at Chateauneuf le Rouge, France).


Regularly she is sharing her practice in workshops and regular classes. Since 2013 she is involved in the promotion of Contact-Improvisation in Marseille.

In the beginning of 2015 she creates her own company, the nhdc ("natalie hofmann dance company" or "no hesitation - dare communion")


Her research  is nourished of the work with Lisa Nelson, Christophe Haleb, Deborah Hay, Julyen Hamilton, Susan Klein, Britta Pudelko, Frey Faust, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Daniel Lepkoff, Jess Curtis and Gary Soto Hoffman.