Be free for...


I let myself go, free, mad,

letting words,

I imagine someone's reading them,

that helps, to let the flow grow,

dark, dangerous, exciting,

mad, mad, mad,

I'd love to go off for a while

and take a time in hospital,

for psychologic problems,

don't care, just need to

dance and to dance and to dance

and to wind up and down that spiral -

to meet you - my heart?

I'd like to be ready for you,

free of material, social, sexual concerns,

just there for you, dear,

come home,

into my child,

into my heart.

Be there with you,

forget everything else,

marketing, improving, surviving,

diplomacy, ratio - all that shit.

Just want you my heart -

to be free -

for ...


Marseille, 2016